Let’s Talk About Acceptance

You guys! First of all, hi. I know, it’s been ages. Even though I haven’t been posting, I’m still thinking about y’all a lot. I hope things are going well for you, that you are living your best life, and you are taking care of the body you’ve got in whatever way makes you feel good.

There’s a lot of junk in the world right now, even if we limit our view to just the body-related junk. You’ve probably heard about the Playboy model who took a picture of a naked woman at the gym (great break down here by Virgie Tovar). It makes me sad and angry that so many people think bodies (especially female bodies, and especially especially fat female bodies) are up for public consumption, scrutiny, and judgment. How did so many of us turn out to be mean and terrible?!

Speaking of! Check out this offensive t-shirt campaign available on Tee Spring:


Yep, this is shirt that you can buy (ironically, to to size 5XL!) to show your bigotry to the world. Check out the description:


WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?! (Tee Spring doesn’t give any information.)

Honestly, I’m stumbling over the keyboard, trying to be coherent in my outrage and disappointment that this exists. Where do we even start with why this is the worst?

I mean, (1) we’ve got the false premise that fat and fit cannot (and do not) co-exist. (2) the idea that promoting hate and intolerance is “setting good examples for young people.” (3) the idea that fit people move their bodies, while fat people eat donuts, pizza, and soda. Argh!! And (4), people do not care for things that they hate, and when you teach people to hate their fat bodies, they are not going to take care of them! So to pretend this about health is just complete and utter crap.

And the word accept. Acceptance. The arrogance of this is the most offensive part, that these rotten people think they can dictate whether or not some bodies are good enough to be allowed to exist is just mind-bogglingly vile.

I do not need permission to exist as I am. The size and shape of my body do not dictate my worth. I do not require anyone’s acceptance to exist in this body. In fact, I reject any acceptance of my body – except my own.

Put that on a t-shirt!