Big Fit Giveaway!

Are y’all ready for a giveaway? Because I’ve got a great one for you. The other day, I was snooping around one of my favorite local shops, Parkleigh, when I came across this amazing zipper bag:

I posted this photo on the BFD Facebook page, and a lovely reader (hi, Marianne!) found the artist’s website. She also found this fantastic mug:

I bought one for myself, and one for you! Well, one of you. I’m not made of money!

To enter the giveaway, just add a comment below about why you’d love to be the owner of a fat lady bathing suit mug. I’ll use a highly scientific method to draw a winner, probably involving your names and a hat. Check back next Monday to see if you won!

Good luck, and remember: You were BORN with a beach body!

  • Judi Marventano Kling

    That is so cool and very kind of you! One lucky BFD reader is going to have a great reminder every morning with that first cup of coffee or tea, not to beat themselves up in the morning about their body as they get dressed, look in the mirror, and get ready to tackle the world.

  • Kim Dowd

    I love this so much!!! Just wanted you to know that because of you I wore my bikini on the beach this vacation!!!! Every body is a beach body. Thanks for teaching us all that ❤

  • Laurie Ritt

    Why do I deserve this awesome mug? Because I’m fat and gorgeous and this summer I’m going to rock my first bikini!! #fatandbeautiful #fatandproud

  • Andrea Button Wood

    I love this blog!

  • I can see myself drinking my delicious morning coffee out of this Fat Lady Mug! I love it!