Fit Five: Julie

Today’s Fit Five Friday features Julie from New York. Let’s see what she has to say about health, fitness, and her body.

1. What do you love about your body?

I appreciate the body I have, with all its imperfections. I love the fact that I have a healthy body and am able to be active or to just be still. Some people can’t do either. I love feeling feminine with my curves.

2. What would you like to change about your body?

I wish I could change my metabolism without activity. Good luck with that one, right? I am hoping to have plastic surgery sometime in my life to remove the extra skin I have since I have lost a lot of weight. I would also love to have a breast uplift. The motivating factor for surgery is because it would be much easier to buy clothes that look good.

3. Have you ever been or are you currently on a diet?

I have been on a diet or watching my weight since I was about 9. I have tried all sorts of diets. Seven years ago I had gastric bypass surgery, which helped me to lose 80 lbs. I still have more to lose, and must do it like anyone else through exercise and lower calorie intake. Dieting is very stressful to me, which makes me want to eat, which makes me need to diet. I have raised my children to try to eat healthy and to stop eating when they are full. Hopefully they will not fall into the cycles I have.

4. Have you ever or do you currently belong to a gym? 

I have belonged to a gym several times. I like to work out alone, so I don’t pay attention to others. I must admit, I don’t like when the gym is busy and other people don’t have respect for those around them. The negative part about belonging to a gym is getting yourself to the gym! Currently I swim in a recreation center and have an elliptical machine in my bedroom. I love the fact I am able to work out in a t-shirt and underwear…lol.

5. What does fitness mean to you?

To me, fitness means being able to do what you need to do physically on a daily basis without having your body feeling like it is often overtaxed. For example, I work on the third floor of a school. I like the fact that I can go up and down the stairs each day with little effort. I am on my feet throughout the day. It means I can enjoy spare-time activities with a certain level of ease. Fitness to me also includes the appropriate levels of vitamins, proteins, etc., in my body by eating well. Energy is so important in being able to enjoy life as a fit person.

Bonus: What is your current fitness goal?

I would love to be able to lose these last 35 or so pounds by being able to consistently exercise and keep my calorie intake under control.