Bob, Jillian, or… Me?

Let’s talk about personal trainers. The only one I’ve had experience with is the one who wanted to weigh me and measure my BMI before she’d help me figure out how to work out with a leg injury. I haven’t been back to that gym since that frustrating day. But one of the goals I had in mind when I started Big Fit Deal was to become certified as a personal trainer myself. The studying is slow going (anatomy is overwhelming and intimidating), but I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of personal trainer I want to be, and who my clientele might be.

What kind of personal trainer would you want to – or do you – work with? Do you want someone who’s a little bit warm and fuzzy, like Bob Harper, or someone who will yell at you a lot, like Jillian Michaels? I have a ton of both Bob’s and Jillian’s workout DVDs, and I’ve watched nearly every season of The Biggest Loser. I go back and forth about which style I prefer. Sometimes I need reassurance and encouragement, and sometimes I just want to be yelled at to work harder, stronger, and faster.

Have you worked with, or are you currently working with, a personal trainer? If you’ve never worked with a trainer (or even considered it), what would get you to change your mind? What would you expect your trainer to look like? Does that matter?

When I was first telling my friends and family about my desire to get certified, most of them were positive and encouraging, but a few were not. I even had one person say, “Are you going to get in shape first?” (Please see every post where I’ve talked about how you can’t tell anything about a person’s health, wellness, or fitness by looking at them.) Would you hire me as your personal trainer?