Fit Five Friday: Andrea

Today’s Fit Five Friday features Andrea from New York. Let’s see what she has to say about health, fitness, and her body.

1. What do you love about your body?

I love that my body lets me experience life.  As far as what I like about my body – I am really hard pressed to choose anything. It is not that I dislike my body, either.  I wish my body was the same as it was when I was younger – it is not – years have gone by and my body has aged, too.  I would have to say that I like my eyes.

2. What would you like to change about your body?

I dislike that I am plus size and have an inner tube around my waist. I dislike that my knees and back ache every day.  I dislike that at times some of the most basic things can be a struggle.  At times reaching and tying my shoes can be a struggle whether it is because my back hurts or because my extra weight gets in the way.

3. Have you ever been or are you currently on a diet?

I have tried several times to change my eating habits to help me lose weight.  I do not like to use the term diet because this seems like a temporary change.  I know that I need to eat differently to help me live the lifestyle that I want to live.  I am currently doing Weight Watchers and really enjoy the program and its flexibility.  How it encourages me to eat the *right portions*, lean proteins, and more fruits and vegetables.  There are times when I eat bad and “fall off” the Weight Watchers plan – in the past I have let these stumbling blocks discourage me to the point of giving up.  I have learned that I will stumble and fall – there will be good days and bad days.  The important thing though is to not give up and start the next day with a fresh start.  I know that if I want to see changes, I have to change.  For there to be any change I have to change. If I keep living like I was I will not see the changes that I want to.  I also attend the Weight Watchers meetings – I find it helpful to discuss with other people that are in varying stages of their lifestyle change.  People are able to offer advise and provide support.  At the very least, I know that each meeting I will come out with a new food to try – I do not want to get bored with food.  I LOVE to eat.  I also love how I feel after I eat a healthy meal of the right portions.

4. Have you ever or do you currently belong to a gym? 

I belong to Planet Fitness which is supposed to be a “judgement free zone.”  I have found myself not going to the gym as much as I would like and when I do go it is at very odd hours.  I do not like going to the gym when it is busy – I feel very self-conscious, like everyone is staring at me.  To be honest, I am fairly sure this is not the case.  Everyone is there sweating and working out and not looking their best.  This is something that i need to overcome to get myself going on a more regular basis.  We do have a fitness center at work which I have been regularly using in the mornings before work.  I have been going there on a fairly regular basis and when I do go there is usually one other person who happens to be a close friend.  It is weird, but I really enjoy working out.  I like to challenge and push myself to see what I can do.  Because I was able to find an experience where I felt comfortable working out, this has helped me to gain more confidence in working out and think the next time I go to the gym I will not feel as self-conscious.  I know that feeling will still be there, but it will be a smaller – and each time I go it will be smaller and smaller.  The hardest part is having the courage to do it and make the change – the first step is the hardest and it gets easier from there.

5. What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness is being able to live the lifestyle you want.  This has nothing to do with weight or age, but being able to do the things in life that are important to you.  For me, fitness is both mental and physical.  It is intertwined. My mental fitness impacts my physical fitness and my physical fitness impacts my mental fitness.

Bonus: What is your current fitness goal?

To become a cyclist and participate in a cycling event.