Taking the Plunge

We’re almost a full month into 2016, so I’m gonna call it: This it The Year of Doing Things That Scare You. Are you in?

First up: I’ve been asked to participate in a polar plunge, one of those fundraising events where you jump into a lake in the middle of winter. This one’s for the Special Olympics of New York, so how could I say no? (Click here if you are feeling charitable and want to donate!) Let’s break down why this is my first scary endeavor of the year.

Not this lake, but one just as cold!
Not this lake, but one just as cold!

1) It’s gonna be really cold. I don’t know how cold. Very? Extremely? Ridiculously? Let’s go with that. So, yeah, the idea of a freezing plunge is a little… chilling. See what I did there? Yes, you do.

2) GUSCes. That’s a term I made up right now. It stands for Giant Underwater Sea Creatures, and they rank right up there on the list of Things That Really Scare Me (just behind massive spiders and just ahead of Michael Myers). I know it’s just Lake Ontario, and that I’ll only be running in and back out again, but you never know when a kraken’s going to slither to the surface and grab ya by the ankle, am I right?

3) I’m going to be running around in a bathing suit in a public setting where cameras will be present. Now, normally I am pretty darn comfortable in a bathing suit, no matter who’s looking. Heck, I’ve posted pictures of myself in a suit here on this blog! But those were pictures I had complete control over. I won’t know what I look like in these photos until they are out in the world for everyone to see.

And that, my friends, is the real reason I signed up to take this plunge: Because #3 truly scares the heck out me. The chances are high that I’ll think the pictures are unflattering. What if my Future Husband sees them, and changes his mind about me?! Seriously, though, it’s another step on my body acceptance journey, and I’m nervous and excited about it in equal measure.

Want to join me in The Year of Doing Things That Scare You? Dive right in!