The Right to Bare Arms

Last night after a rough physical therapy session, I went down to the pool to cool off and soothe my aching leg. I chatted with an older woman who I see there almost every night, and we ended up talking about how even though it’s the middle of summer, stores are already starting to put out winter clothes. I mentioned that I had scored a bunch of on-sale tank tops over the weekend, to which the woman replied, “I don’t wear anything sleeveless.” She went on to say how she is embarrassed by the size of her arms.

I get it. Despite my sixty-pound weight loss, and despite weight lifting, kettlebell workouts, yoga, and plenty of planks and push-ups, I still have very fat arms. I’m sure there are people who see me in my sleeveless dresses and strappy tanks who think it’s offensive that I bare my arms. To them I say: Do you know how hot it’s going to be today?!

All kidding aside: It’s time to stop being embarrassed by our bodies. I could do a thousand push-ups a day (well, figuratively, because that sounds very time-consuming) and I’d likely still have fat arms. So I can choose to cover myself up, or I can refuse. And I refuse.

Stacy and Clinton on TLC’s What Not to Wear have a saying: Dress the body you have, not the body you want. I love that. Embrace who you are now as a first solid step on your journey toward better health. Go sleeveless today. Show your arms to the world. They are yours, and no one else’s. Plus, it’s hot!