Dishonor Roll

This is a running list of television shows, movies, music and books—anything you read, see, or hear—that includes something derogatory about fat bodies. Use it as a guide for things to avoid, or as a list of people and companies to contact about your disappointment and rage.

Assume the word joke, as used below, is always used with sarcasm.

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  • In Avengers: Endgame, the weight gain caused by the trauma and depression of Thor is mercilessly mocked by the other characters.
  • Two of the three trailers released for the Black Widow movie have included fat jokes about the character played by David Harbour.
  • The character of Ralph Dibney on The Flash has repeatedly made fatphobic jokes and comments about his own and others’ bodies.
  • The play Slow Food makes multiple jokes about an off-stage character’s size.

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