Things I’m Over

(Skip to the end if you’re looking for a Polar Plunge update. Start here if you’d like to hear about all the things I’m totally over these days.)

Y’all, I am over so. many. things. I’ve reached a place in my body love/acceptance journey where I don’t have the patience or the energy to talk to people who are stalled at the entrance to the road, who aren’t even on the same interstate, and especially those who are throwing down those spike strips to pop my tires and send me careening off into the median of fat/body hate. (I hope you appreciate all the work that went into this driving metaphor!)


As always, comment sections are THE WORST. Yet somehow I find myself peeking at them now and again. It just amazes me how many thin people are so strongly invested in hating, shaming, lecturing at, feeling superior to, and putting the verbal smackdown on fat people. Just today, I saw a silly clickbait headline about how peanut butter can help with “obesity,” (which I am also over) and the first comment said:

Stop eating fast food and sitting on your lazy rear ends. That’s how you prevent obesity.

Can you feel how over that I am? I could write sixteen posts about everything that’s wrong with that comment. Instead, let’s agree to be over it and move on.


Next up are the other fat people (almost exclusively women) who assume that I dislike my body as much as they like theirs, and want to talk about it constantly. Whether that comes in the form of diet talk, body hate talk, or even being astonished when I’m physically more capable than they think I should be: Over. It.


Finally, I am the most over companies not wanting my money. We have talked about this so many times, and while there has been progress, there is still this weird thing where – even though something like 60% of American women wear size 14 and above – I have super limited choices when it comes to brick and mortar shopping. And don’t even get me started on fitness apparel and gear. Shops like Lululemon to Athleta are apparently afraid they’ll catch fat from my money. The other day, Facebook showed me an add for a super neat looking belt that I could wear when I’m out walking… except they only make them up to XL (size 14-16). I emailed the company to see if they are planning on making options for bigger people, and reminded them how we have money, too, but have yet to receive a reply. Over it.


If this post makes it seem like I’m super grumpy, it’s not true. I’m actually the happiest with my size and shape that I’ve been in a long, long time. I just need the rest of the world to catch up.

That's me!
That’s me!

As for the Polar Plunge: I did not wear a swimsuit in public. I was ready, mentally, but the air temperature was 3, and the water was 39. I may have only gone in up to my knees, but hey: I raised almost $1500 for Special Olympics. Huge thanks to those of you who donated!