Now You’ve Got My Attention

What does it take to get your attention? It’s a busy time of year, and we’re all stretched thin. If you’re like me, your inbox is overflowing with emails from companies fighting for your hard-earned dollars. I delete almost all of them, but there’s two ways they grab my attention.

The first is if they want me to buy their product, but they don’t actually have anything in my size. I’ve mentioned before that I belong to a lot of fandoms, and almost all of them sell clothing as a way to raise money for their favorite causes. Y’all, I am totally on board with supporting these causes, and I am fully not on board with limited clothing options. Most causes use the company Represent, which thinks men come in lots of sizes, women come in a very narrow range (see what I did there?) of sizes, and fat women should just be content with unisex shirts. I reach out to celebrities when I can, to remind them that even though they almost never see fat people in Hollywood (or Vancouver), we exist. And we have money.

(Here’s a recent example of a fandom + cause that I wanted to support, but didn’t. I mean, these people have to know some fat people, don’t they?)

The other way to get my attention? Show me that I’m one of your target customers. That’s just what happened when I opened an email today from The United State of Women. Now, this isn’t a post about politics, so put that aside, and instead marvel in this image, which legit made me cry when I saw it:

Y’all, that is not a “plus-size model.” That person has fat arms! That look like mine! I went right to the website, where I saw this lovely person again, arms on full display:

(Looks like they only go up to 3XL, so there is room for improvement. As always.)

This. This is how easy it is for a company to get me to open my wallet. See how simple it is? Representation matters!


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