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Back in September, I was out in Minneapolis to see my favorite band. My hotel was right down the road from the Mall of America, so of course I had to check it out. And even though 67% of American women wear size 16 and above, most stores in that massive place didn’t want my money.

One little section of the mall had a few activewear stores near each other: Fabletics, Lululemon. I walked past both without stopping. I walked past one more store with more activewear in the windows… And then I stopped and walked back. The models in the pictures weren’t thin. The clothes on display were not small. What was this magical place?! I went in, met the lovely saleswoman, Annie, and found out about Juno Active.

Here’s the history of the company, from their website:

It all started at a YMCA aerobics class in 1995. Founder Anne Kelly was busy breaking a sweat when she looked around the room and wondered where all the plus size women were finding good plus size workout clothes that weren’t just made from cotton. She soon realized they weren’t finding any good clothes built with technical fabrics or specially tailored for plus size women’s bodies. Fresh from finishing her business degree in London, Anne was inspired to start a plus size activewear company to fill the gap in the activewear industry and meet the growing needs of active plus size women everywhere.
I’ve since been in touch with a rep from the company, and they sent me a shirt to review. Here it is!
So, what do I think?
  • The orange color is fantastic! It took me a long time to break out of the cycle of wearing all black (especially when being active), so I really love the bright pop of color.
  • The length is okay (full disclosure: I’m 5’3″, so it did feel a little long).
  • The sleeves were a good length, and fit my big arms without being overly bulky.
  • The quality of the material is excellent. I love that it’s soft, but also breathable!

I definitely recommend this shirt. It would be great for walking, and when the weather warms up (it was 7° when my friend took these pictures!), I’ll take it for a stroll. If you’re in the market for a comfortable, breathable activewear top that fits well and looks great, give this one a try.

The shirt is their new Sweat Smile Repeat tee. I’m wearing a 2X/3X. I love the hashtag: #ThisIsActive. We need more companies that embrace the idea that active isn’t a specific body type. Activewear is for everybody!
Their sizes run from XL to 6X. They have activewear, underwear, shoes, and swimwear, too. Check out the website and let me know if you end up buying some merch from Juno Active.
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