Big Fit Giveaway!

Are y’all ready for a giveaway? Because I’ve got a great one for you. The other day, I was snooping around one of my favorite local shops, Parkleigh, when I came across this amazing zipper bag:

I posted this photo on the BFD Facebook page, and a lovely reader (hi, Marianne!) found the artist’s website. She also found this fantastic mug:

I bought one for myself, and one for you! Well, one of you. I’m not made of money!

To enter the giveaway, just add a comment below about why you’d love to be the owner of a fat lady bathing suit mug. I’ll use a highly scientific method to draw a winner, probably involving your names and a hat. Check back next Monday to see if you won!

Good luck, and remember: You were BORN with a beach body!

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