Fit Five Friday: Mary

Every Friday (hopefully), I am going to post someone’s answers to the Fit Five, five questions about health and fitness that I’ve asked my friends and family – and you, if you want to answer them! (In truth, there are actually six questions, but Fit Five sounds good, and so we’ll consider that last question a bonus.) My hope is that by sharing our experiences, our hopes, and our fears, we will see that we are a lot alike, and that together we can make a difference in our health and wellness.

Today’s Fit Five questions were answered by Mary from California.

1. What do you love about your body?

My stretch marks. Crazy right? I love my stretch marks on my belly because they remind me of my pregnancies with my children. I love my stretch marks on my arms and thighs because it is a reminder of how big I was but proof that I am getting smaller.

2. What would you like to change about your body?

I have too much loose skin around my abdomen. I can grab it in both my hands and pull up. Unfortunately, skin cannot shrink back once it gets stretched out. I had a 10 pound baby, an 8 ½ pound baby, gall bladder surgery and a tubal ligation. 2 c-sections and 2 abdominal surgeries have wrecked my belly big time. I am on the fence about getting the skin removed. For now, I wear underwear with extra support.

3. Have you ever been or are you currently on a diet?

I kind of follow the Engine 2 Diet about 80% of the time. I really enjoy Asian foods so every now and I again I fall of the wagon and have fish or chicken which are not allowed on Engine 2. I really haven’t lost a great amount of weight but I feel good on the inside. I do not eat any dairy, cheese, oils, red meat or pork at all.

4. Have you ever or do you currently belong to a gym? 

When we lived in Chicago and I was about 25 lbs lighter than I am now. I enjoyed the gym. I had a better attitude about my body. I went to the gym to get out of the house with my then 2 year old son. It was more of meeting up with other moms and just talking and walking on the treadmill. No real goal of really losing weight. I currently live in Northern California and the people at the gym here are all buff/fit/thin. It is more intimidating. Several times I overheard trainers making fun of clients for being too fat and sweaty. It’s not the place for me right now. Currently I work out with equipment at home (when the kids let me) and I like to go on long walks by myself several times a week.

5. What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness to me means having a better body image, believing that my body is strong and capable, and keeping up with my energetic kids.

Bonus: What is your current fitness goal?

I would like to look in the mirror and see my naked self and not have any body shame. Also, wearing pants that button instead of stretch would be kind of nice too.

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