Hey, Wonder Woman!

When I was little, I loved superhero television shows. (Spoiler alert: I still do.) I loved Spider-Man, Super Friends, The Incredible Hulk, The Six-Million-Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman (they’re considered superheroes, right?). And I really, really loved Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter in that star-spangled costume was everything!

Lynda Carter

After years of every other superhero getting their own movie—or franchise, even—we are finally going to get to see Wonder Woman front and center in her own feature film this year. I can’t wait! Here is Gal Gadot’s incarnation:

Gal Gadot

When it comes to Wonder Woman, there’s only one thing I can’t relate to (besides being super tall, super strong, and, you know, a demigoddess and warrior princess): her body. UNTIL NOW. Check out this incredible artwork, designed for me by the super-talented Desiree Amber Moore.

That’s right: A short-haired, small-chested, fat Wonder Woman! This art makes me so happy, it made me cry when I first saw it. Because representation matters.

There’s a Wonder Woman in me. In you. She doesn’t have an invisible jet or a lasso that makes people tell the truth. But she’s the quiet voice inside you saying Go for it, or You can do it. She’s the steel in your spine when you need it, the source of strength you draw from when you feel weak. She’s the protector you need when the world gets rough. And she knows that everybody—and every body—deserves a super sweet star-spangled costume!

What does your Wonder Woman look like?

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