A Holiday Wish For You

So, I was going to get everybody something nice for Christmas, like a BFD shirt, but I wasn’t sure what size to get each of you, and there would be all the wrapping and packing and shipping and whatnot, and just the thought of that made me need a nap. So I scrapped that whole plan and instead I got you all this holiday wish. I think it’ll fit rather nice.

I wish you a season of peace with your body.

Body acceptance and body love are tough work, and we are all so busy as the year draws to a close, the last thing we need is to add something tricky and tiring to our to-do lists. So I thought we could try approaching our bodies from a place of peace instead. And when I say peace, I’m not thinking of the definition that means order and harmony, or freedom from violence, but of the definition that means calm and quiet, tranquility.

Imagine how good it would feel to sit with your body and feel calm, to quiet the internal voice that tells you your body is not good enough, small enough, strong enough, healthy enough. To tune out the external voices that shout frantic messages about how much and what you should (or shouldn’t) put in your mouth, how hard and how long you should move your body. Imagine tuning all of that out, and tuning in to calm and quiet. That’s the peace that I wish for you this holiday season.

When you can, take a moment to pause, to breathe. Breathe out guilt, fear, anger, and shame. Breathe in calm, in quiet, in peace. The more you invite it in, the easier it will be to find that peace again and again. Hold on to it this holiday season, bring it with you into the near year. Share it with the people you love.

Unlike everything else with this label, this wish is truly One Size Fits All!

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