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You know that scene in a movie where a writer keeps starting and restarting their work, tossing crumpled balls of paper into the corner? That’s me, except I’m hitting the Delete button repeatedly. I have tried a dozen times now to figure out how to start this post. At least my restarts are kinder to the environment!

Photo by Abhi.

Here’s the thing. Big Fit Deal has been low on priority list for awhile now. Part of that is because I am so frustrated by my persistent injuries (shoulder, ankle/foot). Part of that is because I have so little patience for people who are blind to the ways they are being manipulated into hating their bodies by the $60 billion weight-cycling industry. Part of that is because I feel so powerless to fight that weight-cycling industry, and Hollywood, and the media, and advertising, and fashion. Part of that is because I sometimes look in the mirror, see a reflection or a photo, and I cringe. Part of that is because there’s still a part of my brain that whispers, Someone would love you if you were smaller.

At first, I thought this blog was going to be just about fitness. (But fitness for every body. Because, dang, are fat bodies ever left out of the conversation about fitness!) But over time, as I changed and grew (pun intended?!), so did the scope of the blog. When I updated the Facebook page a few weeks ago, I realized that the About didn’t really make sense anymore. So here’s what I came up with:

Big Fit Deal® is dedicated to helping people of all shapes and sizes find their fit in the world. From fatness to fitness to fashion, it’s a place to vent frustrations and share inspirations as we strive to make the world a friendlier place for everybody – and every body.

What do you think? It feels right to me. It feels like it fits. Like I fit. I’m going to use BFD to talk about what inspires, intrigues, aggravates, and angers me. No topic is off-limits. I want—and need—you to be a part of that conversation. I’ve been steering us that way for awhile, but starting now, officially, the Fit in Big Fit Deal isn’t limited to fitness. It’s about finding your place. It’s about taking up space. Finding my fit. Your fit. Our fit. Ready?

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